How to Apply

We are recruiting both community organizing interns and for project leaders.
The application process is simple:

  • You need to be a college student 16 years old or older to apply. (We're trying to keep liability issues simple, especially in this first year. Our apologies if you are reading this and don't qualify.)
  • If you are applying for a community organizing internship, please send your resume to For project leaders, please send your resume to
  • Include a cover letter explaining your interest in the project
  • Also, please answer the following questions, either in your cover letter or in your email:
    • Are you available for the full period (June 15 through August 10)? If not, when are you not available? (Those who are available for the whole period will get extra "points" since we hope to build strong work teams this summer and the absence of key members can be disruptive; on the other hand, we recognize that we may have to be flexible.)
    • Do you have any disabilities or other conditions that will limit your participation in this project?
    • Have you had any canvassing experience or other experiences that you believe are relevant to this project?
  • If you have any questions, you can reach us via email at