The goal of Freedom Summer is to engage Americans in rebuilding their communities, both physically and at a deeper level, by reinvigorating our nation's civic infrastructure and capacity for working together to achieve common goals.

Freedom Summer '09

Do you live in Pleasant Plains? Sign up for the new Pleasant Plains Neighborhood Network, a joint effort of the Pleasant Plains Civic Association, Mentoring Works2, and the Emergence Community Arts Collective.
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The Obama campaign unleashed a wellspring of idealism among Americans of all generations. Now is the time to organize it.

We hope that Freedom Summer '09 -- a pilot project in the Washington, DC metropolitan area this year -- will lead to a nationwide effort to get high school and college students working to build stronger communities and to get American communities, rich and poor, organized to better meet the challenges our nation faces. Organized by the coalition of major civil rights organizations in 1964, the original Freedom Summer project sent more than 1,000 students and other volunteers to Mississippi to register black voters and focused national attention on the issue. It also transformed the lives of many of the volunteers. Today, we need a new version of Freedom Summer, but one that deals with a different set of issues and engages far more people.

Imagine if most people in the average American community routinely worked together, as they often did in World War II, to support civic infrastructure. In the midst of the war, there were some 20 million victory gardens – this in a country of fewer than 40 million households. Millions more volunteered for active military duty or helped out on the home front. Let’s now harness that same sort of energy, that willingness to work and sacrifice for the common good, to strengthen and reorganize our communities to support a civic infrastructure that we can all be proud of.

The Canvassing Experience. Perhaps there is no better way to see what we do, then to actually SEE it. Here's one aspect of our community organizing experience - Canvassing!

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